Global Charm

When we decorate, it starts with a single piece. In this instance we chose a large old map of South Australia to build the room around. We then envision the person this map would belong to; a world traveller, an explorer, someone who has trekked through the Sahara, seen the pyramids and bought many trinkets along the way. Their house is filled with souvenirs from their travels but the map remains their favourite artwork in their sitting room because S.A. is their homeland. We intentionally chose each item we believed this person would display in their home; an antique coffee table from India, a grand gold mirror, artwork from across the globe and two giant tortoise side tables to commemorate their time spent hanging out with Sir David Attenborough in the Galapagos Islands (it's totally ok to be a little far-fetched sometimes).  This was the result:




Vintage Lounge Room

Vintage Lounge RoomVintage Lounge RoomVintage Lounge RoomVintage Lounge Room

We love how this room turned out, it's filled with warm tones and global charm. It'd be nice to sit back on one of the comfy arm chairs, read a novel on a rainy day and dream about travelling to far off destinations. Where to next?


You can purchase the items seen in this set up here

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