Our Home Office - Before and After

Our home office is where we store all of our online treasures and pack your orders. It’s a super small room in our home that we previously used as a spare room (in other words - a dumping ground for random crap). Earlier in the year we cleared the room out after watching too much Marie Kondo and transformed it into a place that we could use for our online store. This step was a complete game-changer for our small biz! Something as simple as changing what we called the room helped make sure it didn’t end up as a spare room again – we gave it a purpose and now call it our “packing room”. It’s been a work in progress getting it to a stage where everything has its own spot and the room can function as intended but I’ve found that only way to understand what will work best is to use the space and change things around as you go.

packing deskOur packing desk BEFORE

packing desk with shelvesOur packing desk AFTER

Over the weekend we bought some shelves to put above the desk so everything we need to pack orders is within arm’s reach (Also I know in my previous post I said I would rarely recommend going to IKEA, well, I bite my words because IKEA has pretty much been my saviour for reasonably priced desks, shelves and storage units for this room.) Functionality comes first in this space but it is also incredibly important to me to work in an area that feels good to be in which is why I’ve displayed some plants and treasures on the shelves too.

On the wall I have a peg board so I can hang up tools and other bits and bobs. I’m the world’s messiest worker and this has been the simplest solution to keeping all the miscellaneous stuff organised. I can’t believe I didn’t get one sooner!

Underneath the desk is where we store our packing supplies. The colourful box is something we picked up from Facebook Marketplace and the blue lidded cane box is something my dad gave to me years ago.

Old light fittingLight fitting BEFORE

New light fittingLight fitting AFTER

I’ve wanted to switch the light fitting over for ages. I didn’t absolutely hate the old one but it also didn’t provide enough light towards the desk area. Now I can finally see what I’m doing when I package orders at night

Packing room beforeBEFORE 

packing room afterAFTER

 This side of the room has built in cupboards and a giant mirror which is an original feature of the home. The desk in front of the mirror is where we wrap goods and print postage labels. I also store all of our incense and smudge sticks here and they make the whole room smell SO DANG GOOD! We moved what was on the three-tiered shelf onto the shelves above the desk and then replaced it with my tiger friend. It’s always been a little awkward corner and I’m not sure if it will ever be perfect but it certainly is much better.

online vintage storage

Every vintage item you find on our website is stored on this shelf. I often rearrange it and clean it to keep those good vibes flowing. Piled on top of the shelf are the boxes we use to package orders, we keep them stacked sideways so it’s easier to grab the right size box for the order. Every order is different when it comes to packing vintage.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes. I already enjoyed hanging out in the packing room but now I love it with the new shelving and light fitting, they've made a world of difference to the feel of the space!



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