Our Workshop - Before and After

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to use a house to fill with treasures and display them as though it was a home. The majority of our photos on our Instagram are taken at our workshop and it is where we store our pieces and where we have our open days. 

The workshop was not always a bright, photogenic scene. When we first walked through the doors it was as though no one had been inside for years and the previous tenants, well, they had left it in quite a state. There were cigarette butts on the floor, hand prints and grime across the walls and mummified crusty food behind the oven (that was my job to clean, how delightful). Branko and I adore old homes and we wanted nothing more than to restore this building to its former beauty; we could see past the sad shape it was in and knew there was a world of potential to uncover.

We were most certainly Bunnings best customers that week with the amount of white paint we bought. Every single spare moment we had, we spent painting the walls. It was a 35+ degree period and there was no electricity and no fans to save us. Those walls were like a sponge and sucked the paint right up, I think we had to paint about four coats. And the roof too! If you've never painted a ceiling before, let me tell ya, your neck will hurt for days. 

loungeroom progress

The fireplace is one of our favourite transformations. It had glass mirror shelving on the inside, there was a wooden frame and the brick was painted cream to resemble tile, it was like a portal to the 80s. Removing the shelving and wooden frame was a simple task and to our excitement, revealed a beautiful red brick interior. We used a product called “Polystrippa” and a scraping tool to remove the paint. I applied the paint stripper using a brush and after a couple of minutes the paint would start to bubble and soften, then I scraped the paint away and viola! It took a few hours to get the desired look and I decided to leave paint in some areas for that rustic feel. We covered the tiles with contact paper to look like Moroccan tile, not bad for a super easy solution!

loungeroom after

loungeroom after

I wish we had taken a better before photo of the bedroom as it had a dark green feature wall (and not the kind you see in all the home decor mags) and lino on the floor. White paint saved the day! We also removed the doors in each of the rooms. Since we are not living here and it is a place for storage and taking photos this has really opened the whole place up.

bedroom before

bedroom after

The kitchen we painted all white, even the tiles and cabinets we went over in the same paint as the walls. If this was a true home reno, we definitely would have chosen different paints, sanded the cabinet doors first and retiled. However as it is mainly for a backdrop for photos it really is not an issue. We removed the silver handles and replaced with simple black knobs. Replacing handles is such a simple and inexpensive way to completely transform a kitchen or bathroom!

There was old lino in a few of the rooms which we removed and underneath was the lovely dark flooring you see today! We didn’t worry too much that there was already paint splatter on them from years ago as we felt it added a touch of character.

kitchen before

kitchen progress

kitchen after

Kitchen after

We are very proud of our workshop and how far we have come with it. It's a very special place that we hope will inspire others to create a home they love. It  is nearing a year since we first opened the doors and we can't wait to see where the next year takes us! 

Thank you for following  along our little journey!



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    What a wonderful transformation!

    On Apr 04, 2019

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