Which Smudge Stick is Right for You?


 This is a guide to help you choose the right smudge stick for you and your circumstances. No matter what your intentions are for your home, whether it’s to remove negative energy, protect your space, enhance creativity or attract love, there is a smudge stick for that! 

White Sage

Also known as Sacred Sage
Cleansing | Removes negative energy | Purification
Use when: you are needing to cleanse your space from negative or unwanted energy. If you have just moved to a new home.  After going through a tough time in your life.
Great for: The home or work space

Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. The sacred smoke from burning white sage smudge sticks can be used to clear the home from negative energy and can purify the air with its antibacterial properties. Think of it as like a spring clean for the vibes in a space. Some situations in which smudging your home would be a good idea include: moving into a new home, after renovating, after rearranging furniture, when you bring home second-hand furniture or decor, during a difficult or stressful period in your life, after illness. White sage can lift the veil from a dark fog you may be experiencing and offer healing. It is an essential tool for any house clearing!

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Palo Santo

Also known as Holy Wood
Cleansing | Removes negative energy | Creativity
Use when: You are wanting to create a calming space and to reduce stress. Perfect to burn as part of your morning ritual to begin your day with good vibes
Great for: The home or any creative space

The name Palo Santo translates to Holy Wood and has been traditionally used by Incas, the indigenous people of the Andes for thousands of years. When the sticks are ignited the smoke is believed to have healing and cleansing properties and is helpful to enhance creativity. The spicy cinnamon-like aroma is calming and helps to erase stress that has settled within the mind and body. Let Palo Santo become part of your daily ritual and allow your creative energy to flow.

The wood is harvested from fallen branches and no trees are cut down in the process.

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Yerba Santa

Also known as:  Holy Herb, Sacred Herb
Setting boundaries | Clearing | Uplifting | Love
Use when:  you are in need of assistance in setting boundaries and for protection from negative energy.
Great for:  the home or workspace

Yerba Santa has been traditionally used for medicinal purposes by Native American tribes and said to help aid with coughs and to clear sinuses. When used in smudging practices it helps with protection, attracting love, to ward off illness and to set boundaries. Setting boundaries for ourselves means knowing and understanding our own personal limits and protecting ourselves from negative influences. If you are currently in a dilemma with setting boundaries, Yerba Santa can assist you.

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Yerba Santa works best to attract love & protection after clearing your space first with white sage


Uplifting | Clearing | Positivity
Use when: you are feeling mentally worn out and your space needs a pick-me-up.
Great for: the home office or workspace

We all go through creative lulls where we feel uninspired and dull, this is where Juniper can step in to refresh our energy and uplift our spirits. It has an invigorating pine scent and can assist in cleansing the mind of distrust, uncertainty and judgement. Judgement can be found in the shape of jealousy and comparison which disconnects us from love – Juniper will aid in banishing these negative feelings.   You may also consider Juniper if you are at cross-roads in life and need to clear the mind to choose a path.  It’s a great smudge to use in the home office or in your workspace to give yourself a boost.

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Juniper works best to attract positive energy after clearing your space first with white sage


Clearing | Protection | Dreams
Use when: you are wanting to turn your space into a calming sanctuary and to induce dreams.
Great for: the bedroom or meditation space

Are you able to recall the last time you had a vivid dream? We spend much of our lives asleep, so why not encourage positive and meaningful dreams to arise amidst our slumber? Mugwort is associated with inducing meaningful dreams and allowing your intuition to transpire. It has a lovely sweet scent when burnt and can be used as a protection smudge to ward off negative energy in the home. It is said that if you hang mugwort over a door frame it will prevent unwelcome vibes from passing through. It is also a wonderful tool in helping to create a peaceful atmosphere and to clear any blockages of creativity so you are free to open up your mind to new ideas.  Use it in the bedroom to encourage a restful night sleep or before meditation to clear the space from stagnant energy.

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