The Dictionary of Indoor Plants


This hardcover 1974 "The Dictionary of Indoor Plants" book will be your go-to book whenever you need to remember a indoor plant species name. It also covers other topics such as care, propagation and pests and diseases. It'll look beautiful as a coffee table book!

From the inside cover:

"Many more plants suitable for growing indoors are available today than even a few years ago. The plant lover who is faced with the ever-increasing range will sometimes hesitate to invest in an attractive but unfamiliar plant, not knowing whether it will suit his conditions or how to look after it. This book, by a team of well-known horticultural experts, tells you how to choose and care for over 1000 plants, more than 500 of which are illustrated in full colour.

A practical introduction covers all aspects of plant growing in the home, conservatory or greenhouse - cultivation, propagation, how to combat pests and diseases, with a special section devoted to cacti and other succulents. This is followed by 96 pages of colour photographs illustrating some of the more decorative and interesting indoor plants;a descriptive dictionary, arranged in alphabetical order with common names fully cross referred, completed the contents."

224 pages

This book is in excellent vintage condition with general wear and some fading on the spine

Due to the age and pre-loved nature of vintage items, there will be obvious signs of use and sometimes imperfections, this adds to the character and charm of the item and is not considered damage.

The Dictionary of Indoor Plants

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