Our Story

Storytellers Workshop was born through our love of collecting unique, one-off treasures for our own home. We are Hannah and Branko, a local couple from Adelaide, South Australia who share a mutual passion for vintage decor and design. Our love affair with scouring for vintage began in 2014 when we moved into our first house together. We quickly realised that finding beautiful second-hand pieces not only meant we could furnish our house with limited resources, but more importantly we were creating a home that told our story. Some of our most special memories we have together are the days spent driving through country towns on the look out for antique stores.

We believe a home is a sanctuary and that we are able to enhance our mood by surrounding ourselves with objects that are meaningful to us. Being thoughtful about what we place in our homes means that over the years we will have a space that is rich in character and a reflection of our own personality – and that kind of home will never go out of style!

Finding furniture and decor with history and soul is what we thrive on doing and has become a very important part of our lives. We want to pass this joy of ours by sharing our finds so they can continue their story on with you. 
Hannah and Branko



Meet Hannah

 Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a lover of colour, plants and ceramic panther statues. In my spare time I love gardening and painting. 

Meet Branko

Hi, I'm Branko. When I'm not out treasure hunting, you'll find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen or practising sign-writing in our home studio.