Bosch by Mario Bussagli


This 1967 paperback book features the life and work of the 15th century artist Hieronymus Bosch

From the back cover: "The strange, haunting canvases of Hieronymus Bosch - crowded with weird and macabre detail - have fascinated and disturbed people from the fifteenth century down to our own day. Bosch was indeed one of the greatest masters of fantasy who ever lived, but he was also, by any standards, a painter of genius, whose work forms a link between the art of the middle ages and that of the Italian Renaissance. He was essentially a medieval religious artist, with a strong satirical bent, an insatiable interest in everyday life and a deeply pessimistic outlook. He was a tormented soul who expressed his vision of horror by interpreting religious imagery in the style of the popular prints of his day. Bosch's symbolism - readily intelligible to his contemporaries but extremely difficult to understand today - is taken by Mario Bussagli as the point of departure in his illuminating study of the life and work of this extraordinary artist "

CONDITION: This book is in decent vintage condition. It has been well-loved over the years, the cover has creases, discolouring and fading and is worn on the corners. The book is over 50 years old so this certainly adds to its vintage appeal. There is a hand-written name inside the cover

Due to the age and pre-loved nature of second hand items, there will be obvious signs of use and sometimes imperfections, this adds to the character and charm of the item and is not considered damage.

Bosch by Mario Bussagli

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