Juniper Smudge Stick


Uplifting | Clearing | Positivity

Use when: you are feeling mentally worn out and your space needs a pick-me-up.

Great for: the home office or work space

We all go through creative lulls where we feel uninspired and dull, this is where Juniper can step in to refresh our energy and uplift our spirits. It has an invigorating pine scent and can assist in cleansing the mind of distrust, uncertainty and judgement. Judgement can be found in the shape of jealousy and comparison which disconnects us from love – Juniper will aid in banishing these negative feelings.   You may also consider Juniper if you are at cross-roads in life and need to clear the mind to choose a path.  It’s a great smudge to use in the home office or in your work space to give yourself a boost.

Juniper works best to attract positive energy after clearing your space first with White Sage

This Juniper smudge stick is approx. 12cm L (sizes will vary slightly)


Juniper Smudge Stick

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