Palo Santo Bundle


Cleansing | Removes Negative Energy | Creativity

Use when: You are wanting to create a calming space and to reduce stress. Perfect to burn as part of your morning ritual to begin your day with good vibes

Great for: The home or any creative space

The name Palo Santo translates to Holy Wood and has been traditionally used by Incas, the indigenous people of the Andes for thousands of years. When the sticks are ignited the smoke is believed to have healing and cleansing properties and is helpful to enhance creativity. The spicy cinnamon-like aroma is calming and helps to erase stress that has settled within the mind and body. Let Palo Santo become part of your daily ritual and allow your creative energy to flow.

The wood is harvested from fallen branches and no trees are cut down in the process.

This bundle includes three Palo Santo sticks

10cm L (will vary in size slightly)

Palo Santo Bundle

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